Get ready to indulge your sweet tooth

7 April 2015

Goodfellas have launched a first in the frozen food category with the highly anticipated “Goodfella’s Sweet Fella’s; the first ever frozen dessert pizza.

With 2 delicious flavours’ to choose from, Goodfella’s have created a dessert for all of the family to enjoy – and the best part is - it cooks in less than 17 minutes! This makes Goodfella’s Sweet Pizza one of the quickest cooking desserts in the Frozen Category.

The first of the exquisite flavours is “Chocolate Brownie”. A delicious sugar infused base topped with a rich decadent chocolate sauce, milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and finished off with a delightful brownie crumble – guaranteed to leave empty plates.

As if chocolate pizza wasn’t enough, Goodfella’s have also launched an “Apple Crumble” Pizza. Generously topped with a heavenly bramley apple sauce, scrumptious apple pieces & a sweet crumble topping. It’s the perfect twist on the classic apple crumble.

The launch of Sweet Fella’s will be supported by a heavyweight multi-channel campaign from April to July including: TV, digital, PR, Experiential Roadshow and retailer activations.