Green Isle Foods has a well established export department selling frozen pizzas, pastries & pies and fish across the globe and we export to three continents. We supply both branded and private label products to the trade across our product portfolio.


We are passionate about our pizzas and offer a wide range to suit every taste and meal occasion. Our bases are our unique selling point and they begin as an individual ball of dough which is either pressed into a pan or cooked on an authentic Italian stone. We offer both thin and deep pizzas in a wide range of base sizes: 5”, 9”, 10” and 11” (13cm, 22cm, 25cm & 28cm)

We have an extensive range of pizzas sauces freshly prepared on site to complement each pizza perfectly and we have a wide variety of cheeses and topping ingredients to ensure each pizza not only looks appetizing, but delivers on flavour and taste.

We also produce bespoke products in line with religious beliefs and have a range of Halal and Kosher pizzas. Recently, we launched a new range of Gluten free products which are also Lactose free and certified with a global
license from the Coeliac society.

San Marco -  Our Global Pizza Brand  

San Marco is our global pizza brand developed by experts, who are passionate about pizza. We offer a wide selection of products from stone baked through to deep with a wide variety of toppings and cheeses available. Our back of packs are available in 8 languages.

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