Our new Gluten Free range which is also Lactose Free is going from success to success with phenomenal demand worldwide. Our product was developed after extensive consumer research with gluten intolerant and gluten avoiders, we have developed a range of gluten free pizzas that actually tastes like pizza!

Based on the launch success, we have added a new exciting vegetarian variant to the portfolio, San Marco Pizza Vegetale - a thin gluten free pizza base topped with our signature tomato sauce and semi ripened lactose free cheese, chargrilled courgettes, red peppers, yellow peppers, red onion, spinach & sundried tomato pesto – a delicious combination.

The perennial favourites Margherita - A thin gluten free base topped with a fresh tomato sauce and lactose free semi ripened cheese and Speciale - a thin gluten free base topped with a fresh tomato sauce, lactose free semi ripened cheese, gluten free pepperoni, gluten free ham and sliced mushrooms.

San Marco has accreditation from the Global Coeliac Society - a must for gluten avoiders.